Innovative solutions in thermoplastics

We are a Brazilian company, reference in the development of technical profiles for application in various business segments. We provide solutions in Wall, handrail and stretcher protectors, corner guards, label holders, electronic labels tracks, linear drains, door sealers, frames, ceilings and profiles and accessories for hydroponics.

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Tecnoperfil Summary

Tecnoperfil offers innovation and high quality in plastic profiles. With almost three decades of experience, the company develops products for various sectors, such as civil construction, industries, services, hydroponics, among others.

Company certified in NBR Standard - ISO 9001, version 2015

Commercial performance throughout national territory

International performance, highlighting Latin America and Africa

Access to the best raw materials and high production technology

Innovative products
Custom product development
Recyclable products
Production with total quality management
Use of internationally recognized raw materials
Team of specialized designers
Management and specialized commercial teams by business segment


With headquarters in the city of Joinville, State of Santa Catarina – Brazil, Tecnoperfil also serves the foreign market, exporting mainly to countries in Latin America and Africa. Technoperfil´s quality from Brazil to the world.


Articles, news, and updates to keep you well-informed about Tecnoperfil.

Corner Guards

Corner Guards: Protection and Aesthetic Finishing

When it comes to ensuring the safety and structural integrity of buildings, every detail matters. One of these essential details is corner guards. You may have noticed these small elements in the corners of walls, doors, or furniture, but what exactly are they and why are they so important?

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Label holder for shelves

Label holders are used to insert relevant product information such as name, price and codes in a clear and visible way. They are ideal for supermarkets, pharmacies, building material stores, self-service stores and commerce in general. Modernity and high quality

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Wall and stretcher protector – TEC 1198N

Wall and stretcher protector are products capable of absorbing direct impacts with the wall, preventing the surface from degrading over time and requiring maintenance to repair the damage. But Wall and stretcher protector should not only be used to protect

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